Afraid of recession? Don’t worry we have got your back to help you prepare for your next interviews

Tips for Fresher Job Seekers in the Tech Industry During a Recession

A recession can have a big impact on the job market, leading to layoffs, hiring freezes, fewer job opportunities, lower pay and benefits, and more competition for available positions. Many businesses may be forced to reduce costs during a recession, which frequently entails reducing their workforce. Significant job losses may result from this in a variety of industries. During a recession, businesses may impose hiring freezes, delaying the hiring of new employees until the economy begins to improve.

This might make it harder for job seekers to get hired. Additionally, a recession may see fewer job openings across various industries. There may be fewer job openings as a result of companies cutting back on operations. There may be more competition for open positions as there are fewer job openings. This implies that finding employment may present more difficulties for job seekers. Companies might be less eager to provide competitive wages and benefits to their employees during a recession. It might be more challenging for job seekers to negotiate advantageous employment terms as a result.

On one hand, where the stress and anxiety caused due to all the above reasons in times of a recession are undeniable, it is also true that this is not the first recession that humankind is about to face in 2023. There have been many recessions before and we have come up stronger as a result of those. All you need to have in this environment is a positive mindset, and a strategic approach to prepare and deal with the interviews to secure your jobs.

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This task becomes even more challenging if you are a fresher and trying to secure your first job with a lack of on-site experience. But you don’t need to worry about any of that after reading this article of ours. So without any further delay let us get started with this intuitive article.

  • Prepare beforehand using interview simulators and mock tests

It’s critical to prepare for interviews in a real-world setting in advance rather than using actual interviews as practice. Mercer Mettl is a fantastic platform where you can study previous interview questions from top tech companies. You can prepare for the type of online compiler you will encounter for interviews as well as how the test cases operate on the platform because these mockups are made to mimic the actual interview setting. You must become accustomed to these settings because it’s likely that the next employer you interview with will only use Mercer Mettl for technical interviews.

Prepare all the topics related to programming, and practice different types of questions that are likely to appear in Java test online through Mercer Mettl. This will up your game and will help you to keep in shape for coding interviews. Mercer Mettl offers questions to practice that have appeared previously in tech interviews hosted on their platform by Multi-national Companies (MNCs).

  • Revise all your concepts and make brief notes

Prior to a technical interview, taking thorough notes for final revisions can significantly enhance your performance. The main points of each topic should be outlined in bullet points. This makes it simpler to quickly review your notes and find the most crucial information. It can be beneficial to sketch out any technical concepts that require diagrams or sketches as part of your notes. This can make the idea easier to visualize and remember.

  • Keep upskilling yourself, because as soon as you stop, you will be out of the game

Being constantly upskilled is crucial during a recession. This not only gives you an advantage over the competition but also constant motivation and confidence that you will successfully keep your job during these challenging times. This confidence is crucial to prevent stress and anxiety that set in when you perform poorly in a job interview.

It is also important because of the fact that IT industries work on cutting-edge technologies and as soon as you stop learning about them and new frameworks that are introduced in the market, your knowledge will eventually saturate and that is something you can not afford to risk at all if you want to stay in the IT industry.

  • Keep adding new projects and certifications to your resume

Maintaining an updated resume with new projects, certifications, and accomplishments is crucial for highlighting achievements, demonstrating growth, staying competitive, and getting ready for job opportunities. Your resume will look more impressive if you add new projects, certifications, and accomplishments to demonstrate your ongoing skill and knowledge development. This can show potential employers that you are devoted to your career and are prepared to make the effort to stay up-to-date. Technology and best practices are constantly evolving across many industries. You can show that you are keeping up with the most recent trends and are dedicated to your profession by keeping your resume updated with the most recent certifications and projects. You may become a more attractive candidate in the job market as a result.

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses and strategize your interviews

It is very important to know your strengths and weaknesses in an interview so that you can divert the direction of the interview towards the topics that you are well prepared for and dodge the few which you think you are not so comfortable with. It becomes way more crucial while preparing for coding tests where by knowing about multiple data structures and algorithms you can use your tool kit to solve questions of a certain concept you feel you are not so much comfortable with, using some other alternative method that does your job.

These were the few tips we think are very essential for any fresher who is trying to secure a job in the tech industry during these difficult times of layoffs, job freezings, and insecurity. We know the times are tough but you can definitely pull it off if you strategize and work well on your skills. Share this article with your friends and peers to help them get started with interview preparations as well.

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Written by Ron Miller