Give your bathroom an elegant makeover with these lighting ideas

Transform Your Bathroom with These Lighting Ideas: Adding Ambience and Elegance to Your Sanctuary

A bathroom is one of the most important and functional spaces in your living space. And one common mistake we make while designing the lighting layout of this space is that we focus too much on practicality rather than the ambience. A bathroom is not just a functional space, but it becomes your sanctuary or your little escape from everything. And that’s why it deserves a touch of elegance to leave you in a state of bliss every time you are there.

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Despite being a functional space, there’s a lot of scope for designing the entire area and giving it a personalised touch unlike you’d ever imagine. Decorative features are rarely seen in a bathroom but they can beautifully accentuate the aura and the vibe of the space making it warm and comfortable by all means. Whenever it comes to designing a lighting layout of the space, it is important to ensure that the lighting designs seamlessly double up as focal points so that they can enhance the aesthetic value of your bathroom. We bring to you a couple of lighting ideas that can beautifully change the face of your space. Take a look.

Incorporate a hanging light in the space

A hanging light can transform your home regardless of the space it adorns. And pendant lights, given their functionality and demeanour, are simply perfect for your bathrooms. They are a great option for bathrooms with high ceilings, as they can add height and drama to the space. Pendant lights can come in a variety of styles and designs, from sleek and modern to ornate and traditional. They can be used as task lighting over the vanity, or as a primary lighting fixture for the entire bathroom.

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When choosing bathroom lighting, it is important to consider the size and layout of the bathroom, as well as the task lighting requirements. Pendant lights can be used in different combinations and in multiples to provide the desired level of illumination, making sure that the bathroom does not look too dim or too bright. For example, pendant lights can be used over the vanity space as well as close to the bathing space providing apt illumination to the entire area.

Enhance the ambience with wall lights

Believe it or not, ambience plays an important role in transforming your bathroom. Wall lights are a great option for bathrooms with limited ceiling space, as they do not take up any floor or counter space. Wall lights can also be used in combination with other types of lighting, such as recessed or pendant lights, to provide task and ambient lighting. They are available in many styles, including sconces, which are the most common and traditional form of wall lighting. They can be used to flatter features such as artwork, decor, a mirror, or even the sink area.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the colour temperature of the lights. Bathroom lighting should be bright, cool and not too warm. This will provide a bright light to see yourself well in the mirror and do your makeup, but also not create a harsh or yellow light. You can choose lights that have a colour temperature of around 4000k-5000k to achieve this.

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Written by Olivia Hansley